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Take a step back!

I have never written a blog before, however I'm sure that I get enough questions from students to fill in a number of entries.  The title of this entry is "Take a step back!"  I can't stress how important it is when you are working on a painting to step back and examine your work from a distance. It's something that my instructor Mel was constantly telling us during classes. 
I was once working on a portrait and I'm sure I was on the last nerve of everyone in class as I kept wiping off the ear in my portrait and then I'd give it another go.  I just couldn't seem to be happy with it.  Mel and the other students would come take a look over my shoulder and say "That's it, you've got a great ear done this time!"  but from where I was sitting it just wasn't right. 
As I got frustrated I decided to head to the kitchen to get a cup of tea.  While I was gone Mel put my painting up on the wall and when I reentered the room I was looking at it from further away and I said "Sure that's a great ear!" Everyone in the class had a great laugh at me. 
But it just goes to show that when you are painting something, whether you are feeling frustrated or not, you need to take a moment and step back to view your work from a different distance or angle.  You would be amazed at the difference this can make!
So next time you are painting remember to "Take a step back!"

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Fred on August-13-18 8:29 AM
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What a nice advice for your readers. It is really important to look at something from afar than just staring at it face to face. If we keep on looking from the near side of a thing, we will not stop noticing a lot of mistakes and errors. But there are things that need those mistakes and errors to be perfect, perfect from afar. I love how this advice of yours can have a deeper meaning, rather than just being used in making art.
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edusson on August-15-18 7:26 AM
I know painting, art, and many other things are God gifted. The painting is very unique passion and many people like this and do this as a job. But in this advance time, this activity is very decreased.
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oakley sunglasses australia on September-08-18 1:46 AM
I just couldn't seem to be happy with it.
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