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When Life Gives You Lemons.....

We've all heard that saying... When life gives you lemons....
Well when you are done with making your lemonade why not give the lemons to your kids to paint with them?  Who says you can only paint with brushes?
Not Me!
Give this a try on your Easter break.
First make lemonade:
The Very Best Lemonade (serves 1-2)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1/4 cups lemon juice (2-3 lemons)
  • Mix together and enjoy!
Then paint!

Colourless Blenders

I won't endorse a particular brand on my blog I will make recommendations from time to time. 
In a recent coloured pencil workshop that I delivered we were discussing colourless blenders.  Some students were wondering if they really did make that big of a difference to the drawings. 
I usually take photos every step of the way with a painting and had never done so with a drawing, not sure why that is.  Perhaps because when you get to a certain point you need to let a painting dry and you don't have to do that with a drawing.

Stretch And Grow

Stretch and grow, is what my mom said she used to say to me when I was a little baby trying new things, reaching to touch things etc. 
I find that a lot of students get stuck.  They do a few paintings using the same style or technique and they are afraid to move to the next level. 
Don't be afraid to try a new brush, a new technique of move into some more difficult subject matter.  What is the worse that could happen?  You find it too challenging and decide to poke that canvas away for another few weeks before trying again.

Rome Wastn't Built in a Day

Rome wasn't built in a day!  You don't master a new skill in a day either.  if you take a painting class or two or five, you will learn a new technique each time but you aren't going to be a master of the skill. 
Don't sit at a class and constantly say things like 'I can't do this". "This isn't right", " I shouldn't have come" etc.  All that does is spoil your mood, the mood of those around you and in the end evening the instructor goes home feeling that they have failed in some way.

Merry Christmas to my Students!

It's hard to believe that Brush Strokes with Lesley has officially been in service for 1 year now!  I remember my first ever kids class at Clay Cafe, just 12 months ago.  I had 2 students show up!  But none the less I was extreamly excited to paint with those 2 little ones and 2 weeks later the kids class had grown to 7! 
I know that many of this number is return business, but over the course of the last 12 month during acrylic and oil classes we have used 1771 canvases!

It's the busiest time of the year

It's the most wonderful time of the year and possibly the busiest as well.  It's easy during the busy times to loose sight of what's truly important to you during the holidays.  Why not take a break from rushing around, taking one child here, dropping the other over there etc.  Why not do something together?  Something different that you've never done before! 
Clay Cafe All Ages Painting Class
December 22nd
$10 per person
Come along, bring the kids or bring a friend.

Amaze Yourself!

I've been amazed at the quality coming out of the recent drawing classes.  I've hosted 3 sessions now, some of the participants are returning and each class brings a few new comers.  None of the participants have ever had much experience with drawing and not only am I amazed at how well they are doing, but they have been amazing themselves! 
Our next class is on October 24th why not come and amaze yourself?

Learning to Draw

People ask me, "Who taught you how to paint, or draw?"  I usually respond with "My dad". 
I can remember at an early age having a drawer in my bed that was filled with my art supplies.  I had a huge box of paper and an assortment of pencils and crayons in there. 
I remember the day my dad brought the box of paper home from Sears where he worked.  It was blank newsprint and it was large sized sheets. (Or else it just looked huge next to my little hands).

Painting a wood grain effect

Recently I have been working on a portrait of a dog for a client.  The background on the picture I was given was a blonde laminate flooring.  While I was working on the painting I started to wonder how many of my students
 had painted a wood grain effect or knew how?  So I figured best to write a new blog entry including some instructions.  Each section of laminate flooring is different from the section next to it.  I started by using a ruler to give myself a guide of where one section started and it's neighbor ended etc.

Those big eyes!

There is no question that I'm a dog lover and my favourite subject matter for painting is dogs.  I can't help it, big, small, curly, fuzzy, long hair short haired I love them all! 
Right now I'm painting a Chihuahua for a client.  He, Bailey, is the cutest little boy.  You just can't help wanting to pick him up and squish his little face, and I'm only talking about this pictures!  I've never met the little guy. 
I'm working from one of his moms favourite pictures of him.

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